“About Me” Has Arrived!

I know, I know, I did things a little backwards.  But, what can I say?  Sometimes that’s just how I roll!  It felt a little easier and more natural to me to simply jump headfirst into blogging and then tackle the daunting task of the “about” page at a later time.  Well, that time has arrived!

Things to come in the next few days weeks:

  • A drop-down menu in my “about” section, so that I can have separate areas for about the blog and about my life
  • A menu where you can read about the characters who will make frequent blog appearances ~ starting with my husband!
  • Adding a photo or two to my “about” page

Another exciting (to me!) thing that happened today is that I changed my blog theme, and I’m just loving the look of things a whole lot more than before.

That’s all I’ve got for now!  To see all the real blog work that just happened, head over to my “about” page and check things out!


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