Christmas and Coffee Shops

Today started out sincerely…. blah.  I slept later than I meant to, and it took me a while to become adjusted to being no longer sleeping in my cozy bed.  Not a very exciting or productive morning!  I also drank a full 20 ounces of Mountain Dew; in the past six months I probably haven’t consumed more than 20 ounces of soda all together!  Obviously not including today…

My day definitely turned around though when I discovered Believe, one of my two favorite Christmas CDs in my car console, and got to listen to it all the way through twice on my drive to school and back!  Between that and the decorated houses that are starting to pop up around town, I am definitely getting into the spirit!

Tonight my mood made a complete 180 when Terry and i decided to forgo dinner and instead have an impromptu coffee hot chocolate date at my favorite local coffee shop.  We played cards and Othello, and had SO much fun ~ sometimes I think we forget that we’re in public.  Oops!


I hope you all had a great Tuesday!


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