Back to the Gym

Today, I went to the gym.  I’m basically like a rockstar.

Seriously though, I haven’t been to the gym in about a year waaay too long.  So believe me when I say, this girl is feeling proud and accomplished!

I got out of bed this morning with every intention of heading straight to the gym.  Instead, it took me almost an hour!  Let me tell you what I filled that hour with:

*putting hair up, changing, eating a yogurt (necessary)

*eating a muffin, reading through some of the blogs in my google reader, catching up on some Will and Grace, aimlessly wandering the house (not necessary!)

I am a quite accomplished procrastinator.  Even sweeping can sound good to me, depending on what I’m trying to avoid!  Thankfully, it didn’t get that drastic this morning.

Why the procrastinating?  Let me tell you boys and girls, I was terrified!  Of what, I do not know.  Perhaps I thought I would walk in and a sign would blink over my head announcing my long absence?  No idea.  Thankfully I had a 10:40 appointment, so eventually I had to leave the house and face the music!

A few weeks ago, my friend Sarah posted about her own return to the gym, and she decided that no matter what, she would work out for 20 minutes.  After that, if she wanted to leave, she could.  I typically tend to be more of an all or nothing type of girl.  As in, go big or go home.  As in, if you’re only going to work out for 20 minutes, what’s the point?  Well let me tell you from experience, that kind of thinking doesn’t so much get you gym time as it gets you time with your butt glued to the couch!  Sarah’s post inspired me and today I went to the gym with the 20-minute attitude ~ it totally worked!

I’m feeling proud, not too overwhelmed, and ready to do it again.  I’m also feeling impressed ~ I didn’t take a single break! I didn’t grow up in an atmosphere in which being active was expected.  Sure, I abstractly new that activity was important, but I didn’t see how it really applied to my own life.  A few years ago, I basically taught myself some gym discipline, and I was actually pretty good at it.  I even lost about 20 pounds!  When I first started, though, I was definitely the girl taking a pause every five minutes or so.  My body really impressed me today with its ability to retain the memory of my fit(ter) days and to push through to the end.

After my workout, I treated myself to a small coffee from Kwik Trip.  Seriously, don’t get too overwhelmed by the party over here!  Well, I did add half and half instead of my typical almond milk at home.  Trust me people ~ this is living!


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