December by the Numbers Challenge

Happy December!  Seriously, where has the year gone?!

Last weekend I read this awesome post from Back to her Roots, and I thought to myself, hey ~ I could do that!

With the holiday season pretty much in full swing and no end to the craziness in sight, it seems like the perfect time to set some goals that will hopefully keep me a bit focused and grounded throughout the season.  Every year it seems that things get so crazy, and it’s all I can do to keep my head above water and get through it!  This year, I really want to slow down, keep some healthy habits in my day, and keep at least some of my sanity.

I’m challenging myself to complete the following numbers-themed goals in the 31 days of December:

  • 2,000: Ounces of Water Consumed
  • 248: Hours of Sleep (or at least hours in bed, eyes shut!)
  • 64: Maximum Hours of TV Watched
  • 24: Daily Bible Readings
  • 15: Home Cooked Dinners
  • 10: Hours of Fun, Connecting Time with Terry
  • 10: Gym Workouts
  • 8: Non-Holiday Visits with Family or Friends
  • 5: Hours Studying For My 2 Finals
  • 0: Pounds Gained

I have some fantastic apps on my iPhone to help me track some of these goals:


          Lose It!                               Water Your Body


Sleep Tracker                             You Version

I thought long and hard about what I could possibly use as a reward if I succeed at this challenge, and I realized that rewards have not served me well in the past.  For whatever reason, they do not seem to motivate me, and in all honesty I usually end up buying or doing whatever it is that I wanted whether I completed my challenge or not!  I also really want to stick with this challenge even if I don’t actually achieve all the goals (although I plan to!) and I’m afraid that the “losing out” on the reward would bring out my defeatist side and I would just quit.

So, I’ve decided no reward.  This challenge, for me, is about my own personal ability to see a challenge through, and come out a little healthier on the other side.  Wish me luck, and stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “December by the Numbers Challenge

  1. sounds like some good goals, katie! good luck and looking forward to reading more of your blog! i have a couple half days coming up so lets try to plan something soon 🙂

    • Thanks Kelly! Definitely let me know when your half days are. Right now I’m in GB Tuesdays and Thursdays ~ it would be great if one of those worked out!

  2. i think this is a great challenge, katie! and you can totally do it! 🙂

    i’d be happy to help you out with one of your 8 non-holiday visits with family and friends! i need to see your house all decorated and unpacked.

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