Fast-Food Fasting


As of today, I have officially fasted from fast food for one full year! That’s right, 52 weeks. 365 days. One year.

This time last year, I started noticing that I was relying on fast food restaurants way too much. As in, several times a week. Last fall was my first semester experiencing the commute for classes, so that combined with a heavy classwork load and I was not making time to prepare for my hunger during the day! The convenience factor definitely lured me in.

Growing up, we were very much not a fast food family. Thus, when I was “in charge” of myself for the first time, I did the only logical thing ~ fast food overkill! I think that the years I lived on my own between my parent’s house and marriage are the only time that fast food ever really appealed to me, and even then I think it was more of the free-to-make-my-own-choice factor than actually enjoying the food all that much.

All this to say that last year, I wasn’t even particularly wanting the food. It was just easy. So November 30 I gave myself and my habits a good look, and December 1 I went cold turkey.

This is a big accomplishment for me for several reasons:

  1. When I set a goal, I typically give myself days if not weeks to “gear up” for it. I think that with all of this extra time I am subconsciously telling myself it’s not that important and ultimately setting myself up for failure. This time, I didn’t do that.
  2. One of my general struggles is following through with goals and projects. In the last few weeks of this year-long challenge, I noticed that I was really pulled toward getting some fast food, not out of craving but I think out of some drive to sabotage myself. I’m really proud that I didn’t cave like I’ve done so many other times. I’m also interested in exploring my self-sabotage more!
  3. Fast food really goes against some of the fundamental things that are important to me: local food and nutrition. This past year, although they may not have missed me, I definitely felt that I was voting with my food dollars for something better.

I’ve been thinking for several weeks about what I would do to mark this day, and I ultimately decided that some fast food consumption would be necessary. Although I’ve really not been missing it, I was very curious about how it would taste to me and make me feel.

Note: I ordered two “entrees” because they were my two most frequent orders. I wanted to be able to try them both without having to go back again!

The Taste Verdict:

Burger: the strongest flavors I could detect? Ketchup and pickle. For all the meat that I could tell was present, there might as well have been none.

Fries: Okay, the fries were seriously delicious. Especially the first couple bites ~ hot, greasy, salty.

Chicken Nuggets: Again, I really tasted salt, but not so much chicken. I was nervous about encountering any weird textural issues, but none occurred (thankfully).

The “Feel” Verdict:

I felt VERY sluggish throughout the entire afternoon, and didn’t really regain my energy until I ate some real food at dinner.  Nothing I wasn’t expecting, but still not very fun!  Nothing more dramatic than that.

Final Thoughts:
This is not going to help me with my “0 pounds gained” from this morning’s numbers challenge; I’ve been planning for this though, so I’m not too worried. On the other hand, I’ve been chugging water like crazy all afternoon! Overall, this is not a meal I plan to repeat anytime soon!


6 thoughts on “Fast-Food Fasting

  1. I relate to this completely. Fast food has been a habit I have tried to fight for years, sometimes better than others. At one point my pie chart of spending from the bank showed over $3400 on all eating out in less than a year! I cringe to think of the traveling I could have done with my eating out dollars. It has slowly become less of a habit, and I have even managed to get my family on board, but lately, with a new full time job, and school schedule, I have found it creeping back into regular routine. I am amazed and inspired by your wonderful accomplishment.

    • Thanks Nicole! Wow, I never tracked my spending that way so I don’t even know how much I blew on the stuff. I hope that you can break away from the habit again!

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  4. I too have many of the same issues as you do in regards to food. I also find myself self sabotaging quite often. When I set a healthy goal I always do well at first and then the negative thoughts creep in. For some reason I feel that I don’t deserve to be happy deep down inside and I think that is why I allow myself to give in to the negativity and eat whatever. It is a constant struggle and something I have yet to figure out how to deal with.

    • It’s so hard to figure out why we treat ourselves certain ways, when we believe that we want the opposite for ourselves! We talked about this a bit this week in my Character Development class… It’s definitely an ongoing discussion!

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