A Little Holiday Whimsy

The other day, I found myself flipping through one of the many catalogs that have been bombarding my mailbox the past couple of weeks, and I stumbled across a photo of a big sparkly, gem-stone-y snowflake.  I, of course, immediately thought to myself “napkin rings”!  Makes perfect sense, right?  RIGHT??  Well, anyway…

This project came together in a snap ~ it was actually tracking down figuring out the supplies I wanted to use that was most time consuming.  Here’s the cast of characters:

Yep, that’s it!  I found a pack of these adorable, glittery presents in the mini Christmas tree aisle, and shower hooks hit me as my perfect “ring”.

A little hot glue gun action….

and ta-da!

Quick and easy, and so fun for when we host our families later in the month!

PS ~ Here’s a sneak peek at what’s happening around here:


5 thoughts on “A Little Holiday Whimsy

  1. i love the napkin ring idea, katie! good work.

    and i am guessing those art supplies include some of your hobby lobby loot from the night after you visited me!? 😉

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