Visiting Jaime

Today after school, instead of going home, I headed up to New London to visit my sister! My schedule this semester makes this perfect ~ since I don’t have class tomorrow, I’m actually staying until Thursday, when I’ll go to school straight from here. From Manitowoc, Jaime’s house is about an hour and a half away.

I love visiting Jaime, and of course my niece Hailey!


I also get to see my fur nephews! Marley:


And Jacksy:


Guess which sassy pants was not interested in posing!

When I stay at Jaime’s house, I get to sleep in the princess room.


Hailey even left me a note on the pillow!


A thank you note for a package of goodies that I sent her in the mail, and three pages of quotes from Elf. That’s definitely how we roll!!

I also got an early birthday present from Jaime:


We love having matching things, and this ring is extra special because not only does it say “sisters”, it also has sister-y sayings around the entire thing. I love it!

We spent the evening just hanging out and goofing around.


After Hailey went to bed, Jaime and I cozied up on the couch with this beautiful view:


We spent the rest of the evening doing lots of chatting, and then I introduced her to Google Reader and Pinterest. I didn’t get to talk to her much after that…!

Now we’re finally off to bed. Good night!


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