A Day In New London

Today, I did something unprecedented in the Katie chronicles. I’m still here at Jaime’s, out of my city, out of my gym-membership-domain, and I found a place to work out! It turns out that the New London Aquatic Center also has a fitness room that can be used for just $2 ~ I even increased my time from last week up to 25 minutes! Pretty darn proud over here.

I’ve been spending the afternoon at my main New London hangout, Familiar Grounds, just doing homework and catching up on my blog world! Familiar Grounds is a most incredible coffee shop, with a huge gift shop and a really nice, big seating area for hanging out.

Soon I’m heading over to pick up Miss Hailey from school, and then the two of us have a date night while Jaime’s at school! In the meantime, here are some random things that have been going on with me lately…

1. Have you guys heard of Operation Beautiful yet? Lately, I’ve been having so much fun stashing notes all over, from school, to the gym, and places I run errands. I love being sneaky, and wondering who’s going to see my notes and what they will think! Check out their site for more info on the project.

2. My friend Becky gave me this huge bag of steel cut oats! She has celiac’s, and these oats ended up making her sick; they didn’t specify wheat-free facility, which she figures was her downfall. Bummer for her, which turned into a score for me!

3. I have a long-standing love of headbands. They have a long-standing hatred of me. I had a headache about 5 minutes after putting this guy on. I still wore it!


Happy Wednesday!


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