Grocery Shopping Fun

Okay, Terry makes fun of me sometimes all the time, but I seriously love grocery shopping!  I cannot be the only one out there, right?  Right?!

Last night I had to make a quick stop at the store, and had a few exciting finds.

It’s finally Cutie season!  The other day, Annie mentioned that it seems that people really define the season changes by what’s going on over at Star****.  For me, I think the change in seasonal fruits really marks it!  In June, strawberries, then cherries and peaches, then apples, and now:

Yay!  Do you like my pink bowl?  It’s my fridge fruit bowl ~ very non-breakable!  Wait til you see which fruit marks February for me ~ one of my very, very faves!  Does anyone else mark the changing seasons by fruit?  I had to have a Cuties snack last night before I even unpacked the rest of the groceries…

I also stumbled upon this massive bag of greens!  If this doesn’t get me eating greens morning, noon and night, I don’t know what will!

And finally, a brand-new find that I’ve really been wanting to try:

I’ve been seeing Justin’s nut butters talked about lately, and was so excited to find them in Manitowoc!  It usually takes us quite a while to get the new stuff.  I’m loving that I had the option to buy a jar or these cute little packets, which will be perfect for on-the-go snacking!

Does anyone else get as excited as I do about grocery store finds?


10 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Fun

  1. Happy Friday!

    Cuites are so good, have not bought those in a while!

    You will love the justins almond butter, so good and the squeeze packs rock for on the go!

  2. I love grocery shopping too! I think it’s because I grew up with so many people in my house and so little money,it was always stressful for my mom. And now I get to go and shop and buy whatever I WANT!! I appreciate it so much, and I love that I get to do and then go home and cook. So fun, all the possibilities that the grocery store holds 🙂

    • Ooh, you’re lucky ~ I *should* be limiting myself with my grocery spending, although I have trouble doing so…! If I had unlimited funds, I think I would just spend my days going from grocery store to grocery store!

  3. I am with you on loving grocery shopping. Personally Whole Foods is my very favorite, and although it costs more, it inspires me culinarilly (my own word, I think) I have decided that if I can get so much joy out of doing my grocery shopping at one store with so much beautiful healthy food, that maybe justifies the extra 10-15% cost.

    • I wish I could shop that way! Although I’m not always very good at it, we’re definitely in a place in life where I need to save that extra 10-15% wherever I can! Only certain things, like meat, that I’m not willing to go the “cheap” route for.

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