Christmas Perfection

Today I had a bit of a Christmas meltdown.

I’m not exactly sure what it is or why, but this year I’m not quite in the Christmas spirit as I have been in years past.

Sure, we went to the Holiday Parade, and had a great time, and put up our tree and I’m loving the coziness of the twinkly lights ~ always one of my favorite parts of the season.  But the joy, the experience I’ve had in the past of thriving during the holiday season, I’m just not feeling it.  I feel a little bit like a grinch!  But, so be it ~ this is where I’m at.

I have a few theories.  This year, Terry and I have been thinking quite a bit about the traditions of Christmas, and all of the “extras” that come with Christmas, and where those things came from.  We’ve been spending time talking about whether we want certain aspects of Christmas ~ like Santa, for instance ~ to be a part of our lives.  And on my own, I’ve been questioning the relevance of the hustle and bustle of this time of year.

I also have been more connected to the online world this year, through blogging and Pinterest in particular, and I realized that I was getting caught up in the hype of what I’m calling Christmas Perfection.  This time of year, it seems that each blog post has a more festive recipe than the last, each home is more decked out than the previous, and everyone has time to do everything.  With a smile to boot!

I think that my mind has been processing these thoughts for the past week or so at least, and today it all really came to a head.  I realized, I don’t want a Christmas that is done out of necessity and simply keeping with empty tradition.  I don’t want a Christmas that is so filled with baking, crafting, decorating, and socializing that I feel pressured to achieve perfection.  I don’t want a Christmas that makes me sad, and today I was most definitely sad.

What I do want is this: a Christmas that is centered around Jesus rather than busyness.  A Christmas in which I bake and cook for joy, and if things do not come out perfectly, or I don’t check every item off my list, it will be okay.  A Christmas in which if my house isn’t utter perfection, it will be okay.  And most definitely, a Christmas in which I don’t check out mentally because of some self-induced pressure!

I plan to spend my time between now and Christmas focusing on these things, and this:

Hopefully in this way, I will find true Christmas Perfection!


10 thoughts on “Christmas Perfection

  1. Katie I am glad you discovered this early in your life. Many of the trappings of the season can be toned down or eliminated. I have done this over the years, and truly enjoy the things we do, such as put up the tree, set out just a few decorations including my advent wreath. Dads put lights on the porch railing and deck so we have some color and cheer through late January.
    When you girls were growing up I made lots of Christmas cookies. When that got to be too much, I cut back to just cut outs, and we had lots of fun.

    I think it’s great you had fun making your wreaths. Enjoy what you feel like, and skip the rest. It’s the best way to enjoy the season of the Birth of our Savior. Love you, mom

    • Mom, I am glad to have/be figuring all this out too ~ I think I’m having a year of transition-y-ness in general, with everything I’m learning in Character Development and now my thoughts on Christmas changing a bit. I really do love the baking though, I don’t want to cut that out! 😉

  2. SOmetimes I totally get down on myself for not baking/cooking holiday foods beforehand since everyone in the blogosphere seems so put together in that respect. But I just don’t have the time or the resources or the energy! So be it.

    I love your Christmas ideals!

  3. So true. It is so unfortunate how incredibly over commercialized Christmas has come. Commercials suggesting showing loved ones how much you care with expensive jewelry and cars. Tv shows showing perfectly decorated houses and everyone dressed in expensive clothes all so happy. Its so fake and it is teaching the younger generations that the only meaning behind christmas is stuff. Our family tradition is always to put baby jesus in the manger first thing christmas morning. Jesus is the reason for the season.

    • Yes, I agree ~ the commercials especially are starting to drive me crazy! And the stores, packed with rude people ~ it’s practically impossible just to get groceries. I’ve been putting off grocery shopping for three days because I don’t want to go in the stores! Next year, I’m going to plan differently so I can avoid the stores as much as possible at this point in the year.

  4. i think this is so true in ALL parts of our lives, not just christmas! making sure to really think about what i enjoy, not what i feel like i SHOULD enjoy and then concentrating on those things that really make me happy when i have free time has been so freeing!

    sure, sometimes i do things i’m not super excited about, like cooking certain dishes because brad loves them, etc. but you know what? making him happy is one those things that i enjoy, so it’s still totally worth it!

    anyway, just wanted to say that i think you’re wonderful and you deserve to enjoy this special season without putting so much pressure on yourself!

    • I agree Sarah, it is true in all parts of our lives! I’m just really feeling it right now. I think I need to work on figuring out which parts I REALLY enjoy, and which parts not so much, and act accordingly. For now, and for the rest of the year too! And thank you, thank you ~ you had me tearing up a little bit! 😉 I’m glad to have a friend like you.

  5. Christmas is something we carry in our hearts. Don’t spoil it by setting impossible and perhaps unimportant goals for your self. Hug the ones you love and let the day happen. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, Katie. Blessings…Mary

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