My Abstract January Goal

Yesterday, I talked about my new goals for the month in my January by the Numbers Challenge. I mentioned that in addition to these straightforward goals, I have a more abstract goal in mind for the month of January.

I’m currently on my winter break, and I don’t return to classes until January 23. This leaves me with a lot of free time on my hands! While many people thrive in this kind of situation, I tend to do the opposite ~ with my days free and clear, for some reason I become less motivated to get things done. This has been a real struggle for me for as long as I can remember, and something that I’m ready to explore and confront.

With that said, my abstract goal for the month, or rather the remaining three weeks of my break, is to keep busy and get things done!! Vague, right??

A few of the larger ticket items on my to-do list:
*Transform our second bedroom from a dumping grounds back into usable space
*Clean & organize my gift wrapping station
*Clean & organize my crafting area
*Look at our finances, work on a budget, and work on couponing
*Heavy duty cleaning of the house ~ the stuff I don’t usually have time for

Time to get busy!!


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