WIAW: Christmas at Mom and Dad’s

On Monday I talked about my family’s traditional Christmas weekend at Mom and Dad’s, and I mentioned that the food we ate deserved a post all it’s own!  Well, that time is here, so I’ve decided to join in on Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday party with our Christmas weekend eats.

We typically spend at least three nights at Mom and Dad’s, and over the years we’ve developed three great days of food traditions.  The best part is, throughout the weekend we pretty much all participate in the food preparation and presentation!

Our newest tradition is appetizer night.  Mom, Jaime and I each plan a couple appetizers to contribute, we start prepping around 3:30, and then we kind of graze all night.  It’s pretty much fantastic!  This year, as you can see above, Hailey decided to get in on the action and selected some jello appetizers to serve up!

some of our appetizers: spinach and artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped tenderloin bites, and zuchinni and summer squash stacks

Another traditional meal is our “Turkey Dinner”, which we typically do on the same day that we open presents and we call it our “Christmas Day”.  For this meal my Dad cooks and carves the turkey, my Mom does the gravy, and the past couple of years I’ve been on veggie duty while Jaime has done the mashed potatoes.  We also had rolls this year from a La Crosse area bakery!  Christmas Dinner is always served in Great Grandma Millie’s china.

Dad’s turkey, my Parmesan Green Beans, and Jaime’s mashed potatoes

Mom’s fabulous homemade apple pie, made with apples from their yard

We usually eat lighter for the early meals, but we do have one traditional sit-down breakfast.  Typically we eat this meal together on Sunday morning before we all head for home, but since this year Terry and I had to get up very early on Sunday to rush back to our side of Wisconsin for the Packer game, we decided to have our brunch on Saturday morning and then pretty much not eat until Turkey Dinner!  We had our game faces on!  The brunch menu is Mom’s egg bake, Mom’s super fabulous coffee cake, and lots of fresh fruit.

These meals tend to rotate their order, depending when New Year’s Eve falls during our weekend.  We also have a traditional New Year’s Eve meal and festivities, but since Terry and I stayed home for Nicki and Dan’s wedding, we only had two nights to work with and decisions had to be made!  We decided to forgo New Year’s Eve and have Turkey Dinner instead.

What a weekend of fantastic food!


5 thoughts on “WIAW: Christmas at Mom and Dad’s

  1. i love the appetizer night! growing up – we had this exact same tradition for Christmas Eve. appetizers are a bit more work to prepare – but we have so much fun planning, preparing, and eating all the goodness. hooray for grazing!!

    • Appetizers are definitely a bit of work, but I enjoy the laid-back-ness of it, and all being in the kitchen together, and not having a set time frame! New food arrives at different times, which I love! I could just graze all the time and be happy 🙂

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