Post-Christmas Shopping Spree

Every year, Terry’s grandparents extremely generously give money to us for both our birthdays and Christmas; since my and Terry’s birthdays both fall during the same week as Christmas, we end up with a little influx of cash at the end of the year.  I usually have a bigger ticket item in mind for my gift money (one year, I used it to pay for a summer CSA subscription), but this year I didn’t really have anything specific in mind.  So instead, I let myself have a little online fun and I bought a few of those items that I normally drool over without ever letting myself click that little “purchase” button!  And let  me tell you, plenty more items made their way onto my wish board on Pinterest!  These items have been/will be winging their way to me shortly:

1. Fuchsia Sparkle BIC  Band

2. Screenprinted Scarf

3. Bird Lariat

4. Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

5. Cuptakes iPhone Case: Yellow Birds on a Wire

Have you tried any of these products?  Have you made any purchasing splurges lately?


8 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Shopping Spree

    • Ooh, that sounds like a good way to spend some money! I’m working on a bedroom redo, but renter-friendly and LOW on the spending… Wish me luck with that!

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