A “Grown-Up” Night at Kristin’s

On Friday night I had the supreme pleasure of spending the night at my cousin Kristin’s house!

I couldn’t find a picture of just Kristin and I on short notice, but here’s one of us with Adam.  I’m on the far right!

Kristin is almost four years younger than me, and she and I, along with her brother Adam, pretty much grew up together.  I’ll admit, it was a grudging love when we were younger, at least on my end!  I thought of her as the annoying little cousin who was always tagging along and copying us, and generally ruining my and Adam’s fun.  Luckily, I got over that, and I’m grateful for all the wonderful memories from our childhood!

Kristin stood up in my wedding (almost four years ago already!), and I stood up in hers just this past October; I’m blessed to consider her among my closest friends these days.

Last night was my first trip to her and Lee’s new apartment; they live about an hour away, so we can’t really just stop over.  We spent the whole evening just talking and laughing ~ I’m surprised that we even found time to catch our breath!  Kristin also made me her first-ever casserole, and it was delicious.

We talked quite a bit last night about the things we like and don’t like about being “grown-ups”*, and as I was reflecting more today, I realized that one of my very favorite things about being a grown-up, and the people that I grew up with becoming grown-ups, is seeing how each person chooses to live, and occupy themselves.  I like seeing who they are in this whole new way, if that makes sense!

I’m looking forward to many more “grown-up” times with Kristin!

*The word “grown-up” is used in the loosest possible sense!


4 thoughts on “A “Grown-Up” Night at Kristin’s

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