WIAW: Cold-Fighting Foods

This What I Ate Wednesday was actually eaten nearly two weeks ago, but last week I just had to share my eats from Mom & Dad’s, so here we are with a tale from two weeks ago!  Thanks to Jenn for hosting, and check out her What I Ate Wednesday party to see lots of great food from around the blogosphere!

When my family visited over Christmas, my sister was kind enough to give me her nasty cold.  With Nicki’s wedding and then Christmas at my parents coming up the following weekend I really needed to kick that cold in the butt fast, so I did some internet research!

Typically when I’m sick, I crave Saltines, chicken soup, pickles and tea.  Before I actually enjoyed drinking tea, my craving tea was my telltale sign of being fo-real sick!  It turns out my cravings were about half right.


We’ve all heard that we should drink orange juice when we’re sick; I found out that the reason for this is all the Vitamin C, which has been shown to possibly shorten the length of a cold.  I forced myself to drink about five of those glasses each day!  I also learned that real tea leaves (as in, not herbal tea) have substances that speed the action of the cilia inside the nasal passages, helping to push the germs out of the body faster (this was definitely my favorite thing I learned!).  I drank a Trader Joe’s Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea that I had just been given by my lovely friend Sarah (perfect timing!), and then several mugs of Vanilla Bean Black Tea (my favorite!) from Mighty Leaf Tea.  Copious amounts of water were also consumed, in an effort to keep the mucus flowing – gross but true! – and milk was avoided because it thickens the mucus and keeps it inside for longer.  My Mom always told me not to drink milk when I was sick, and now I know why!

I was low on the appetite, but I wanted to get nutrients in, so I forced myself to eat what and when I could.  Breakfast was a piece of Ezekiel toast, because whole grains with their heavy loads of zinc and vitamin E help to keep the immune system healthy.

Lunch was part of this bowl of chicken dumpling soup, which in studies has been shown to reduce inflammation.

For a snack, I was surprised to find dairy on the list!  Yogurt, as long as it contains beneficial bacteria, helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

Photo Sources: Sauce, Pasta, Garlic

By dinner, I was a bit too exhausted for photography!  Dinner was pasta sauce with lots of fresh garlic added; garlic is one of the most potent disease-fighting foods out there.  And of course, served over more whole grains.  Unfortunately the combo did not appeal to me at all at the time, so I only ate a few bites.  Terry enjoyed it though!

Later in the evening I felt like I could eat something and I was all out of suggestions, so I went for more whole grains in the form of Wheat Thins.  And this Wisconsin girl had to have some cheese!

I will say, this was one of the fastest colds I’ve ever had, and I’d like to think it’s at least partially because of my crash course in immune boosters!

*All information sourced here


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