Clearing My Head

Today is a fantastically mild winter day (35 degrees!!), and the sun is out which is pretty much the best thing that can happen in winter. I knew I needed to do something outside today, because nothing boosts my spirits more than time outside after being cooped up inside.

Another way that I like to de-stress is to go for a drive, so I decided to do that. I went to some of my favorite places and spaces, did some traipsing in the snow in ridiculously inappropriate shoes, and thoroughly soaked in the day. I even sat by the lake on some big rocks for 15 minutes or so, listening to the waves and appreciating God’s gifts.








Notice a theme? The water is one of my very favorite things. After my mini-adventure, I stopped by the library to do my daily Bible reading; I’ve been resting in Proverbs 31 lately, and it’s been great.


The rest of my afternoon includes taking care of this:


and some quality time with this:


My afternoon most definitely does NOT include a nap, and while this may not sound like news trust me, it most certainly is! My every cell is calling out for me to crawl into bed and let some time just pass me by, but today I choose no.

And tonight, one of my very favorite dates with my most favorite guy!

“Were I to count Your thoughts Lord, they would outnumber the grains of sand.” ~ Psalm 139:18


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