My Favorite Date

Last night, Terry and I headed to Milwaukee for what can only be considered my favorite date ever.  Okay, okay, let’s put it in the top five.  And to be fair, it’s Milwaukee in general and Bayshore Mall in specific that constitute my favorite date, so many different things can happen on said date and it still counts.  As long as one very, very important stop is made!

Last night was a pretty quick journey.  Terry has an ear infection, so he wasn’t up to too much galavanting, but he was still willing to indulge my date night whims ~ I’m a lucky girl!

We started out with dinner, and we had a gift certificate to use, so bonus!

It was ridiculously dark for taking photos.  I had a beet and goat cheese salad ~ so yum! ~ and then the crab cakes appetizer as my meal, which were just okay.  I also had an un-pictured side of asparagus, but that doesn’t surprise you!

After dinner, Terry and I went our separate ways.  Yes, on date night!  He took his iPad to Barnes and Noble to do some reading, and I went to my essential Milwaukee destination……

Trader Joe’s!!  I know, some of you live in the same city as a Trader Joe’s, and some of you could even go twice a day if you wanted to (I would want to!!).  I, however, have to travel over an hour to get to the promised land, and believe me, I’m excited every time.  While I was there, this happened:

What can I say?  With that kind of travel time, a girl’s got to stock up!  And by the way, that whole bag of coffee?  Not for me!  Let me show you a little bit of what I got.

My TJ’s must-buys: peppercorn grinder, almond butter with flax, european style mocha yogurt, mango slices (one of the times when convenience foods seriously rock my world!), almond milk, brie, and demi baguette.  Side note: I also always buy the himalayan sea salt grinder, but they were very sadly out.  Side side note: brie and bread only get to be staples because of the infrequency of my trips!

These were a spectacular find on my last trip to TJ’s, when I stupidly unfortunately only bought one lonely little pack.  This time, I bought ’em out!  Now I’ve got a pouch for my car, my backpack, and a couple for my chocolate stash.  Oh, yea…  and that pouch that I ate on the way home.  An hour’s a long drive, man!  Especially with a snoozing husband.

A few new-to-me treats: chocolate covered frozen banana slices and chocolate mochi ice cream balls, both talked about often on my friend Liz’s blog, a sugar, chocolate, and coffee grinder, and a pure bar.  I’m pretty pumped to try them all!

And, much to my delight, I found two super special scores:

I foresee some kitchen awesomeness with these!!

And of course I came home with the usual assortment of produce and other random items.  It was a fantabulous trip!

So, do you think it’s a little nuts that one of my very favorite dates includes an element of time that we don’t even spend together?!  I did tell Terry on the way home that it would be cool if he wanted to come in with me sometime… but I do know that grocery shopping does not count as a hobby for everyone.  I don’t get it, but I know it!  For know, I think he’s cool that he’s willing to come all the way to Milwaukee with me so that I can do one of my favorite things.  That’s got to be an element of a great date, yes?  And to be fair, there was much snuggling at dinner while we waited for our bill, and many I love you’s over our yummies…  I’ll take it!


14 thoughts on “My Favorite Date

  1. i would love your date as well! cheesecake factory = delicious. brad and i used to go every time i went down to st. louis, but we haven’t gone in a really long time. we should have our own date night there…but then again there are so many amazing-sounding restaurant that i want to try in madison….tough decisions.

    back to you. i want to try those mochi desserts after hearing liz talk about them all the time too. and that sugar/chocolate/coffee grinder is amazing. i grind a little onto my oatmeal & i love it!

    • Um yes, LOVE the Cheesecake Factory! We don’t go too often because, hellooo expensive! I definitely can see your dilemma… I don’t think I would be heading to CF too often with all of Madison at my disposal either! I did try the Mochi desserts (last night?) and I don’t think they will be a repeat for me… I made pancakes for dinner last night though and used my grinder in mine, and that was a big success! I’ll have to try it in my oatmeal, although I love my oatmeal so much as is that I’m always very hesitant to switch it up.

    • Ooh, yes, you are a lucky girl! I try to explain to Terry that they are high quality + cheap prices, but it’s a hard sell considering the amount of money I drop every time I actually make it down there 😉

  2. I love Trader Joe’s! I guess I take the 5 minute drive for granted! Last time we went to The Cheesecake Factory for a date night, they sat us at this table that was literally 2 feet from another table full of people. It was pretty awkward, felt like we were having dinner with them too! We haven’t gone since haha.

    • Oh boy, that does sound awkward! I think that would maybe scare me away too… although I think that the beets and goat cheese would call me back!! Next time you’re making your five minute drive, think of me and feel blessed 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to check things out!

  3. I live 2 miles from TJ’s. Haven’t been since before we left for Cambodia on December 11 though. Heading there Friday–thanks for all the great ideas!

    Just got an “I Love Trader Joe’s” Cookbook at the library yesterday. Have you heard of those?

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