Keep Calm and Write On

So far, today has been a truly great Saturday!  I slept in, but not too late, hit the gym for a (crowded!) workout, and did some cleaning.  I met my Mom for a coffee date, and since it’s so beautiful out today we decided to grab our beverages to go and headed out to a local state park to enjoy the weather and the lake, which we both love.  We also enjoyed lots of chatting ~ sometimes I feel like neither of us gets a word in edgewise because we both have so much to say!  It works for us.  Now I’m at the library, where I just finished my first exam for an online class I’m taking this semester and now get to do some blogging!  I’m hoping to get in a Bible reading as well.

Yesterday I recapped my goals from January, and today I want to talk a bit about what writing is for me, and why I am trying to make it a priority.

I don’t know if it’s like this for everybody, but I think in words.  As in, constantly and sometimes to the point of frustration.  At times I feel there are simply too many words in my head!  This is where the writing comes in.  I’ve always found that it’s easy for me to think, express myself, and communicate through the written word.

The problem I experience is that when I become too anxious or overwhelmed, the words build up, and the habit I’ve taught myself to safely escape is to push everything back inside and ignore it.  Trust me when I tell you, this is not a great plan!  It has, however, proven to be “safe”, which I’m sure is why I have stuck with it for so long.

Now, however, I’m ready for a different approach.  I want to let my words out, to do their work and to clear my head.  I love my blog as a place for me to not only do this, but also to interact and communicate with others.  This is why I’ve made it my goal in January and now again in February to do “at least one” blog post a day.  Truthfully, it’s not so important to me to actually have one blog post documented per day, and if I miss a day I’m certainly not going to get worked up over it!  Several weeks, on the other hand, is something I’d like to not let happen again!

This goal is more for me to focus my intentions on getting my words out on a regular basis.  Letting my words take shape and clarity, and putting them out there as a testament to my reality, as it is in that given moment moment.  Instead of pushing aside any anxiety, I want to give it value and meaning by giving it a name and a voice; instead of stuffing it in only to have it explode out later, I want to let it out with intention.  And the same with the joys in my life ~ I want to name them and give them value as well, as they happen.

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Here’s to giving my words ~ and myself! ~ a voice!


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