Currently delighted by…

my new (and first-ever!) pair of Toms! I bought these right after Christmas but just started wearing them within the last week or so. They are SO comfortable I never want to take them off ~ I even wear them to school in Green Bay where I do lots of walking. I kind of want to replace my entire shoe collection with Toms… But I don’t see that happening!

These are clearly not my feet… currently I’m wearing pjs and just not about to throw my shoes on for the sake of the picture!

Currently reading…

The Book Thief. Actually, listening to it ~ as a college student, books on CD are pretty much the only way I can read for pleasure. They go by pretty fast with an hour of driving each day! I’m on disc seven out of eleven, and so far it’s historical, fascinating, and really funny at parts!

Currently feeling…

…mentally, well. Slightly overwhelmed with a very full schedule, but I’m finding myself to be managing my time better than usual. With that said, time management is sincerely not my strong suit! It’s a work in progress.

…physically, not so well. In order to accommodate my full schedule I have been sleeping much less than I need, and this week it has caught up with me. Yuck.

Currently appreciating…

…fantastic weather for my first of two winters commuting to Green Bay.  Winter driving was one of my biggest fears going into college, and I’m grateful that at least one of my winters has been so mild!

Currently needing to…

…listen to my body.  It’s calling out for sleep and exercise to be added (or more added!) into my days, and to survive this semester I’m going to have to listen.

In the spirit of that last one, I’m going to crawl into bed for some reading and then a nice early night!

What’s currently going on with you?


2 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Katie, it’s about 4:30 a.m. I am about to exercise, some stretching, a little walking in place, and a little bit with my weights. Then get ready for work, have coffee with dad, and head out for the work day. The bed was snuggly and warm, stayed there an extra 15 minutes. But, taking time out for myself to exercise feels good, gives me a mental and physical boost.
    The moon is big and bright, making it look a little magical outside.
    it’s great when we can view the moon as it “waxes and wanes”.
    Have a great day. love, mom

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