My Handsome Date

Tonight, I had a date with a super-handsome man! We had a not-so-quiet evening in, played with every toy in the house, and even got to do some snuggling…

Meet Jude! Our church is hosting a date night for couples tonight, and Terry’s out of town skiing with his best friend, so I volunteered to watch this little guy so that some friends of ours could head out for the date. Yep, fun was had.


Now Jude’s in bed and I’m attempting to do homework at Barb and Erik’s. See how well it’s working out? I really thought that I would get so much more done here than at home since there are literally NO distractions, but apparently not! Oh well, I have the whole weekend…

This morning I set out for Green Bay, but I only made it a few exits up the interstate before I turned back. After just posting about how thankful I am that it’s been a mild winter for driving, I got hit with some nasty stuff! I doubted my decision for a little bit, but by the time I got back to Manitowoc I knew I had made the right choice. I couldn’t even see my exit; thankfully there was a car in front of me that was also exiting, and I just followed their taillights. That kind of stuff scares me! I was supposed to take my first exam of the semester this morning too, and thankfully my professor was very understanding. Less thankfully, she wants me to come in at 7:30 on Monday morning so that I can take it before class meets at 8:25! That’s going to be an early morning for this girl…

My weekend ahead with Terry away is not looking too eventful. It’s going to be more of a catch-up time than anything else. I have piles of homework (I think I’ll be repeating this sentence all semester!), and several hours worth of work to do at the radio station. And of course, that endless task, housework!

Tomorrow morning I’m meeting a friend to take some pictures of her daughters. She and her husband returned from Ethiopia with their newly adopted daughter about a month ago, and now they have three beautiful girls! I’m looking forward to seeing them.

I suppose that now I better go and actually accomplish some homework ~ wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “My Handsome Date

  1. That Jude is a sweetie, very cute. Good luck on your power homework weekend, I am looking forward to lots of great visiting and hanging out when you come this upcoming weekend.

    • Yes, he is super cute! Thanks for wishing me luck, I did more blog work than homework at Barb & Erik’s last night, do much homework to be done today!

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