Early, Early To Rise

Oh my!  Here I am at the end of another day, and I barely know how I got here.  I had forgotten this intensely busy feeling ~ last semester I was utterly spoiled.  It’s taking a little getting used to all over again!

After my mini-rant yesterday, I pulled it together and finished up the things I needed to.  Writing it out for the win!  It’s nice to put my healthy efforts into practice and see them at work.

This morning, I was up and out of bed by 5:10, which is definitely not a normal occurrence over here!  When my alarm went off (three separate alarms set on my phone!), even Terry woke up briefly to remind me to get out of bed and get to my exam on time.  That was very helpful, and sweet ~ he knows me oh so well!

On the road by 6:15 (ugh, still dark), and to school by 6:45.  Enough time to go over my notes and regroup a bit before my exam.  My professor showed up late; only a few minutes, but let me tell you I was starting to get myself worked up thinking she wasn’t going to show and I had gotten up so early.  Not to worry though ~ she showed up, I took the exam, and she even had it graded by the time we started class 15 minutes later:

I’ll take it!

In my haze of sleepiness this morning I did not grab any food as I stumbled out the door, and I’m thankful that on occasions like this our school does a great job of offering healthy quick options.  My choices were from the little cafe near my first class, and the commons has tons more fresh and healthy choices.  This is something I greatly appreciate.

At 8:00, that was coffee number two of the day!  Another unusual occurrence over here.  This one was plain coffee though; the first one was a grande chai two pump mocha!  My policy is a coffee shop “treat” beverage on exam days ~ a huge switch from my previous policy of a coffee shop “treat” beverage every day!

The rest of the morning was business as usual ~ Bio-Organic Chem, Management in Dietetics, and Human Genetics, back to back.  Then back to Manitowoc for a few errands, a nap (!), and homework.

Tonight Terry and I went to our first meeting of the Impact outreach ministry at our church.  To be honest, this was the very last thing I wanted to do at that point in my day, and the meeting lasted two hours, which was a bit long for both of us tonight.  With that said though, I’m really excited to be getting involved and looking forward to finding out more about how this will look in my life.  I’m so grateful to have found a home church that serves me well along with giving me the opportunity to serve.

Today I have still really been dealing with the overwhelmed feelings of yesterday, and I can feel the anxiety building up inside.  A year ago, this would have drawn me to the tv, and the fridge, and I would have allowed myself to escape into mindless “bliss”.  Today, I still feel the pull toward those things, and I still succumb.  But I also cope, and push forward.  When the overwhelming thoughts come into my mind, I remind myself to breathe.  Sometimes I have to do this literally every 30 seconds!  When I think of all I have to do and the short amount of time in which to do it, and anxious thoughts and feelings threaten to overwhelm, I ask God to take my worries from me and I put my faith back in Him.  I remind myself of the gifts in my life, and even the gifts in the moment (today, a heated car and the opportunity for education).  I look at these small steps, and truly to me they do seem small, but they hold so much power.  And I’m grateful.

What are you grateful for today?


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