Pinterest Inspired

Well, I actually wrote this post several weeks ago, but we were on vacation with crazy bad wi-fi and I couldn’t upload any of my pictures; since then, it disappeared into the depths of my drafts.  Until now!  With a few word changes ~ and pictures! ~ this post makes its way to you today!

While I’ve been I was on my break from school, I’ve taken I took the time to do a few projects ~ a couple tiny and one bigger ~ that have had been in my mind thanks to the lovely Pinterest.

1. Phone Cord: Streamlined

So simple, but I never would have thought of it on my own ~ enter this pin.  Binder clip, bedside table, and Terry and I each have our own retractable phone cords that never fall on the floor.  I love it.

2. Operation: See What I Actually Wear

I pinned this one quite awhile ago thinking that it was a nice thought and would probably work great, but that it was highly unlikely that I would ever actually take the time to do it.  But then I was procrastinating one day and started to go through my closet, and decided to just go ahead and do it.  I turned all my hangers backwards, and now as I wear each item it goes back in my closet the normal way.  I took my time turning the hangers around, going section by section, and I ended up with two full bags of clothes to get rid of right away, plus a few items to sell on eBay!

The suggestion was that at the end of six months, any hangers that are still hanging backwards are clothes to be gotten rid of, but i think I’ll play it more by ear ~ I may let it go the whole year to account for different seasons!

3. Customized Christmas Organization

This was my bigger project, and it was inspired by this pin and then added to and changed to work for what I wanted.  I noticed this Christmas while we were decorating our tree that most of our ornament boxes were getting really beat up, and I didn’t think they were going to last another year.  I looked at the ornament containers that you can buy and decided that those were not for me, so of course I turned to Pinterest to see what minds more creative than mine had come up with!

I spent some time gluing plastic cups to cardboard, and I loved that I was able to customize each container depending on how many ornaments or which other decorations I wanted to put in the same container together.  Now I have fantastically organized, color-coded Christmas decorations!

What have you been pinning lately?


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Inspired

  1. i did the binder clip thing & the hanger thing too! 🙂 so simple, yet i would never have thought of that on my own.

    and i’m impressed with your christmas decoration organization. ours are just thrown haphazardly into plastic tubs. it’s a mess.

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