Little Shows of Love

As I’ve been reading through the Valentine’s Day posts amidst the blogosphere, I notice a theme of love-dovey, awesome, Valentine-y goodness.

Now, that’s all well and good!  I’m a big fan of love, and I’m a huge fan of all the ways that people choose to show their love, and the creativity that people show.

With all of that said, to be honest, Valentine’s Day is not really my thing.  I don’t hate it, but I also don’t enjoy the commercialism of it.  Above all, I really don’t like the idea of a specific day designated to express your love.  After all, love is best expressed (in my opinion!) spontaneously and from the heart.

For example: this morning as I was in the bathroom getting ready oh-so-early, I could hear Terry in the bedroom making the bed, and to me that was a fantastic act of love.  Romantic?  Okay, probably not so much!  But, I am typically the bed maker in the house, and Terry knows that Wednesdays are my very busiest day this semester, so for him to do that for me made my heart a bit melty.  It was a gift, for no reason other than he loves me.

As you know, Terry and I do love our date nights, and make an effort to do even little things together on a regular basis; we also love to throw each other surprise date nights.  So when he found out that our favorite local coffee shop was doing a special date night on Valentine’s Day, he decided to take me as a surprise.  Being that I go there quite often, I was surprised (and glad!) that I had no idea this was happening.  We walked in to discover the place decked out with twinkle lights, candles, and flowers, and they were running a special for two: two coffees or hot chocolates, and two desserts.  We chose one of each dessert and were in date-night heaven!


I had a rough day yesterday; it was chem-lab-day, and while that automatically spells headache for me (literally!), yesterday was particularly wrenching.  I had planned to make a special, semi-decadent dinner for us last night, but by the time I walked in the door I thought I was nearly asleep on my feet.  I still planned to cook, but Terry could see that I was really not up for it, so he lovingly suggested that we take off for date night right away.  We started with dessert, and ended up grabbing a sandwich (me) and breakfast (him) at Perkins later on!  And we were in bed by 10…  The joys of marriage!  It was truly fantastic.

Since we missed our dinner last night, and I had already defrosted, I simply threw us a romantic dinner tonight.  On the menu: steamed lobster tails, steak bites, steamed green beans, and potatoes au gratin.  So yum!

What are your thoughts on the dedicated day of love?


6 thoughts on “Little Shows of Love

  1. katie, that lobster tail looks amazing! i’ve been wanting to make lobster for awhile now, but unfortunately i still haven’t got around to it 😦 how did you prepare it??

    • Kelly, this is the first time that I had ever made lobster and I was really impressed with how well they turned out! I had NO idea how to make them, so I just kind of winged it. My rice cooker also has a steamer basket that I can put on top, so that’s what I used. I put a mixture of chicken stock and water plus some minced garlic underneath, and then just steamed then til they looked done! I think I actually could have steamed them for slightly less time, but I was nervous about them not being done, and they turned out great anyway.

  2. looks like a fabulous dinner my dear!

    i like valentine’s day i guess, but it’s definitely not a big deal for us. we do pretty regular date nights, i make dinner and we eat together almost every night, and we try to do nice things for each other every day (like brad starting my car for me & cleaning off the snow when i’m getting ready to leave in the morning – love that!). so yeah, i think it’s ok to have a day where you maybe light candles with dinner or have an extra cuddle session, but i like to do those things on other days too….

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