My One Word: Transparent

At the beginning of January, I noticed that several friends on Facebook kept talking about their “one word” and mentioning their success or lack of success with their chosen word, or whether they thought that their chosen word was even a good choice after all. I was intrigued, so I messaged a friend and found out about My One Word.

The philosophy behind this movement is that instead of choosing impossible resolutions and making endless lists of goals, we simply choose one word that represents something we need or would like to see within ourselves. This movement really appeals to me because, as I’ve mentioned, New Year’s resolutions in general just aren’t my thing for the same reasons that they mention. I also think that any time I want to make a change is the right time to do it, not just at the start of a new year; that’s why, in typical Katie fashion, this post is coming to you mid-way through February!

I also think that, while concrete goals such as “clean my spare bedroom” (that finger is pointing right at me!) are useful, a more abstract goal that forces me to explore myself, my personality, and my tendencies on a continuous basis, will result in something altogether different ~ change on a different level. A hopefully more permanent change.

I’ve chosen the word transparent for myself for a wide variety of reasons. This past summer I really started exploring my own behaviors, and really the ways that I choose to live my life, and I realized that some of my behaviors that I consider most shameful or terrible are only so because I hide them. That’s when the idea of transparency really started for me. When I committed to my Character Development class(more to come!), I also made a commitment to myself to open up as much as possible because I knew that that was how I would get the most out of the class. As I’ve mentioned, my experiences in Character Development are opening my eyes to my own sin that I didn’t even know was there, and instead of hiding and burying the information to cope as I would have in the past, I’m ready to set it out in the open and let God take it from there.

How is my transparency going to look in my life?

One of my favorite new tools for transparency is my blog. I started this blog with the goal of opening up and sharing my life ~ the good and the bad, the super exciting and the crazy boring, the stress and the relaxing. My hope and prayer is that this blog will show my life as is, and that in some way my words and my experience may touch someone else. I know that the more transparent others are, the better their stories touch me, and I believe that that can only hold true for my words as well.

Aside from blogging, in my “real” life, I want to share my life and experiences with those around me. I want to stop hiding behind excuses, or hiding a bad day behind empty words.

My One Word offers resources and a weekly blog update for support throughout the year, and I’m looking forward to participating in that community.

Do you have a word?


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