A Rough Start

Today started out Not. Good.

Typically on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays this semester I’m leaving the house to get to my first class on time before Terry’s even put of bed. Now, I very specifically remember setting my three alarms last night, and I have a hazy memory of the first one going off this morning. Unfortunately, the next thing I remember is Terry coming into the bedroom to say goodbye to me, sunlight streaming in though the window, and me bolting upright in bed frantically asking what time it was!

So I missed my first class of the day, and getting ready took me longer than normal this morning because immediately after school I was headed straight to my parents’ house and I still needed to pack. So I ended up missing my second class of the morning too. Ugh.

Let me tell you, I was in a mood! I petulantly considered just going for the trifecta and skipping my third class as well, but the new-and-improving-me made the right choice and went. I’m glad I did. I also thankfully have a good friend who took notes for me in the classes I missed, and the professor that I was able to talk to was incredibly understanding.

After class, I headed to the campus coffee shop to do a couple hours of homework before I hit the road.


It’s my favorite place on campus to do homework.

This is what lunch looks like on an incredibly anxious and frustrating day:


It was delicious!

It was also accompanied by an extremely questionable fast-food chicken quesadilla. Not delicious.

My coping skills are undoubtedly a work in progress!

About 45 minutes into my drive, I passed through New London, where my sister lives. I popped in to surprise Jaime at work which was lots of fun! We hadn’t seen each other in quite a few weeks. I also brought her a few goodies I picked up for her on my most recent Trader Joe’s trip.


And now, after roughly four hours of driving, I have arrived on the opposite side of the state. I have listened my way through quite a bit of The Girl Who Played With Fire, which I’m really enjoying; I’m quite caught up in the mystery and have absolutely no idea how everything is going to come together!

Now I’m headed in for a Mom-cooked meal and lots of rest and rejuvenation. With some homework thrown in for good measure!


5 thoughts on “A Rough Start

  1. ooo i’m in the middle of reading the girl who played with fire too. the past few nights i’ve been staying up wayyyyy too late trying to figure out how it is going to end. have you seen the first movie? SO GOOD!

    • No, I haven’t seen the movie… I’ve actually just been debating about whether I wanted to or not! I’m glad now I have your positive review 😉

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