Facebook Five

I know that every blogger uses their Facebook page differently.  I love the diversity in that, and respect each person’s choices and decisions.  For me, I like to use my Facebook page to post a quick photo from my day, a quote I find especially prevalent, an article that I’ve come across that struck me.  Generally (I’m sure there are exceptions!), my Facebook page reflects quick snippets of my life that will not make their way to the blog.

In case you haven’t been following, here are a few highlights from the past couple of weeks:

1. January 23:

Possibly my best throw-together meal to date: gnocchi with a jar of alfredo sauce (NOT a staple food around here, not quite sure when I bought it!) plus a cup of crushed tomatoes and some basil, over a bed of wilted spinach and topped with parm!

2. February 10:

This doesn’t even begin to capture how beautiful it is in real life… The 3/4 full moon glowing over Lake Michigan, right now.

3. February 11:

‎”Be happy; it’s one way of being wise.”

4. February 12:

Just finished listening to The Book Thief, and it was achingly fantastic. Definite must-read!

5. January 16

It may have been too cold to sit outside, but I still enjoyed some time reading by the lake this afternoon!


2 thoughts on “Facebook Five

    • Me too! And this was an extra special surprise, because it was late at night and I was headed home from a friend’s house and since Terry wasn’t at home I wasn’t in any particular rush to get there, so I just decided to take the scenic route. So glad I did! Living right along Lake Michigan is one of my very favorite things, I pretty much love everything about the water 🙂

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