Whirlwind Week(s)

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already Saturday again!  This week has simply flown by in a blur of homework and studying, driving and classes ~ just like every week has seemed to so far this semester!

I can tell that my body is rebelling against the stress and the busy-ness; my throat and ears have been hurting, and my body is a bit achy.  Even my skin is complaining!  While there are many, many things that I love, this is perhaps my least favorite part of being a college student.

This upcoming week, I have two exams.  Ugh.  One in Human Genetics, and one in Management in Dietetic Practice.  Last week I had an exam in Microbiology, and let’s just say that it was… rough.  I actually left ten points worth of essay questions completely blank, which is so very not normal for me!  I’m thankful that I’ve grown personally to the point where this is not such a big deal for me ~ two years ago, I would have been freaking out!  Now I know that my ultimate goal is a degree, and missing a few questions on one exam is not going to stop me from reaching that goal.  Also, while I didn’t study as much as I should have for exam success, I know that I listened to myself in determining how to spend my time, and learning how to do that is definitely a success.

Tonight I will be heading over to my aunt’s house.  About once a year, my Grandma, aunts, female cousins, and Mom and Jaime have been gathering for a grown-up girls night.  There are snacks and games, and lots of fun and laughing and chatting.  I am looking forward to it ~ a much needed break from thinking about school!

What’s on your agenda for the weekend?


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