In The Wilderness Place

Last night, Tricia Brock (lead singer of Superchick!!) and her sister Melissa performed at our church.  It was a super-chill worship experience, with Tricia doing several songs off of her new worship CD as well as a few acoustic versions of Superchick songs.  If you can imagine that!

tricia and melissa during sound check

One song in particular stood out for me; Tricia prefaced the song by talking about how we all find ourselves walking through the wilderness from time to time, and that no matter what we are going through, God is walking with us.  This got me feeling about the wilderness times that I experience, and how I often get so caught up in the muck that I forget the bigger picture.

I’m in the wilderness place… when I get overwhelmed with school.  Sometimes, and lately it seems all of the time, I get incredibly caught up in school, schoolwork, and the demands of that institution.  When I forget that school is simply one piece of a myriad of beautiful gifts that make up my life; when I become obsessed with the deadlines and the pressures to the exclusion of all else.

I’m in the wilderness place… when I let the values and judgements of the world become more important than the words set forth to me by my God.  When I feel like a stranger as I walk through society, and I forget that I am supposed to feel that way.  Sometimes I need to be reminded that I am not of this world, and I was never meant to feel as though this world is my final destination.

I’m in the wilderness place… when I let Satan whisper his lies in my ear, and I listen.  When I let his words become my truth.  Just yesterday, I found myself having a day of feeling incredibly out of place and without worth, and it took until midway through the concert to really snap out of it.  Satan knows my buttons all too well, and oh, how he loves to push them.

I’m in the wilderness place… when Terry and I are both so busy with our “outside” lives that we become a bit distant and disconnected from each other.  During these times, it’s easy for me to feel so sad and sorry for myself.

I’m in the wilderness place… when anxiety and depression threaten to overtake me.  During the days when it feels easier to stay in bed, and forget that I have any responsibilities at all.  During the days when living life fully and freely seems less important than clinging to my safe places and easy habits.

This song, and the 23rd Psalm which it is based on, remind me that when I am in the wilderness place, my Lord God is walking before me.  With Him providing for me, whom shall I fear?  No one.

You Are My Shepherd

By: Tricia Brock

There is one thing I desire, one thing I seek. 
To hide in You, abide in You. I’m Yours for You to keep. 

You prepare a table for me. 
You’re my portion and my cup. 
You are the source of strength. 
Lord, You have filled me up. 

You are my shepherd in the wilderness. 
Who shall I fear? 
You are the God who goes before me, 
My Rock and my Shield. 
In troubled times You will provide 
And I shall not want 
You are, You are my God. 

Though I walk through the valley of death, 
I will magnify and glorify You with every breath 

When the wicked stand against me 
I will follow as You lead 
You are the truth and way, 
The lamp unto me feet 


So I’ll be of good courage for You have overcome 
You will not forsake me so I wait upon You Lord 

So I’ll be of good courage for You have overcome 
You will not forsake me so I wait upon You Lord 


You are, You are my God.

lyrics source


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