March By The Numbers Challenge

And so we begin a brand new month.  Can you believe it’s March already?  Because I definitely can’t.  Since this semester started, the days and weeks (and apparently months!) have been flying by practically unnoticed; I think that this strange winter weather has something to do with my disbelief at the nearing arrival of spring as well.

One of my new favorite things about starting a new month is my new-ish tradition of reviewing the past month, what went well, what decidedly did not, and reevaluating my current priorities.  There’s something rejuvenating about looking back, refreshing, and starting anew.

What I have discovered this month, in the ever-evolving fashion of these by-the-numbers challenges, is that the goals I chose for February (which actually rolled over from January!) are not actually all that practical for my whirlwind, nutty semester.

I did hit 65 servings of produce, up from last month, which I’m glad about.  Now, I know there are many of you out there to whom 65 servings of produce is a pretty sad number, and let it be understood that I know it’s not a great number.  But it’s progress toward a healthier Katie, and to me that’s pretty darn great!

The other goal from February that I came much closer to was to blog every day (aka on a regular basis).  This goal was chosen because while I know that writing really helps me clear my head, I do not turn to it as readily as I turn to less-healthy options.  Making this my goal two months in a row has really helped me to prioritize my blogging, and now the writing is really starting to become a habit.  Yay!

For March, I’m ready to revisit my epically-failed December goal of hugely reducing the time I spend in front of/in earshot of the t.v.  This is one of those less-healthy options that I mentioned above; when I get too overwhelmed, t.v. is an easy way to escape and has really become an all-too-time-consuming habit.  I also think it’s really consuming my brain ~ it wouldn’t hurt me to be alone with my thoughts once in a while!!

I also am going to hold onto and continue improving my produce servings goal ~ this one’s super important!

So without further ado, March’s By The Numbers Goals:

  • 124: Minimum Number of Fruit/Veggie Servings Consumed
  • 40: Television Hours Watched

What are your goals for the month?  The week?  Today?


5 thoughts on “March By The Numbers Challenge

  1. My big goal for March is to get back on track for my half training plan (just took a break for an injury). I also just bought a Groupon for some hot yoga and zumba classes, so my goal is to activate that and actually go to get my money’s worth!

    TV is such a guilty pleasure time suck. It’s so easy to sit in front of it all night and do nothing! We need to cut back on our TV time, thanks for the reminder!

    • Good luck getting back into your training ~ it’s the worst when you have all the motivation but physically simply can’t do it. That groupon sounds great; it would definitely get me going!

      As for tv, I constantly have it on, even if it’s just for background noise. Definitely a habit in need of reform! I did good during the day yesterday, but when I got home late last night I totally forgot about the goal and mindlessly plopped in front of the tv. Oh well, one day at a time 😉

  2. i haven’t blogged about it, but i’ve got quite a few new goals for life in general lately. my training plan for my 8k starts next monday so it’s my goal to stick with my training plan. i also am tracking my food intake every day in march. my portions have increased so much since moving in with brad – i want to eat as much as he does, but i can’t without gaining weight. so i need to concentrate on keeping my portions sarah-sized. 🙂

    • Ooh great goals ~ I can’t wait to hear about your progress! And “Sarah-sized” made me smile 😉

      Also to answer your question from quite awhile ago, I think I finally figured out a form of day-to-day goal accountability ~ Twitter! Super easy to throw out how I’m doing at whatever given time…

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