Winter in Spring

Monday again!  I would say “happy Monday,” but the day is nearly over…  I do hope you had a great one though!

photo borrowed from a good friend’s Facebook page

Winter has finally arrived in Wisconsin ~ just in time for spring!  I mentioned on Friday night that Terry and I were down near Milwaukee for a concert.  Well, we had to drive back home that night and it took us nearly two hours!  By the time we got to town, we were only going about 40 on the interstate.  Thankfully, Terry kept it slow and safe and we made it home just fine.

On Saturday, we had an event that Terry produced through work, a live game show called The Marriage Game.  This was our fourth time doing it, and it’s gotten huge.  And it’s always a good time!  My cousin Kristin came to town to help me out with the score keeping, and she and I stayed up chatting until almost two in the morning!  That doesn’t happen for this girl very often anymore…  It was great though!

Yesterday, we spent the morning at church per usual!  We are taking our church’s Welcome to the Family class so that we can officially become members, which I’m pretty pumped about!  Then Terry and I took tag-team naps in the afternoon, and spent the evening at his office working…  One of those days!

Today, I had a Chemistry exam.  This is not good news, except that it meant I got to treat myself to my exam-day yumminess instead of my regular, plain-old coffee!

Chocolate Chai for the win!

Tonight my lovey surprised me with these beauties:

Flowers for no reason ~ love it!

For dinner tonight, I branched out a bit.  I’m not the biggest brussels sprouts fan; I’m more of a take-em-or-leave-em type of gal.  But ever since yesterday when I read Caitlin’s post about her fantastic-looking dinner and those yummy sounding brussels sprouts, they’ve been on my mind.  So I swung by the store today, and tonight I mixed up Sarah’s recipe for roasted brussels sprouts, and I have to say, they were tasty!  Not a new go-to, but I would definitely do it again.

After dinner, Terry and I headed out spontaneously to Manitowoc Coffee for what is probably our very favorite impromptu date night.

Now, I’m wrapping it all up with some blogging, catching up on emails, and a little bit of homework before I head for bed.

How was your Monday?


6 thoughts on “Winter in Spring

  1. Chocolate chai!? Yummy yummy!
    My Monday was pretty fantastic. Got to spend it celebrating 13 months with Will, and put some delicious Greek food in my belly!

    • I know ~ I wish I could claim this shot as my own!! Seriously though, despite the bad driving weather, the scenery was stunning. I love that it’s March and I’m saying that ~ usually by March I’m SO over it!

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