Friday Things

1. Today was my last day of classes in Green Bay before my “spring break”.  Or, spring break x2.  Or, non-spring break.  Yes, because I’m taking classes at two different UW campuses this semester, I have no official spring break.  But I do have two weeks in a row of lighter class loads.  So, I’ll take what I can get!

2. I took my car into the shop yesterday afternoon, and since then I’ve been driving around in a stinky loaner car.  Literally.  The car is smelly.  Ugh.

3. Since the beginning of this semester, my friend Emily and I have been “planning” to work out together on Fridays.  Today, we finally did!  She works at Planet Fitness in GB, and we went there and worked with the personal trainer on staff.  Tonight I officially report, my abs are feeling it!

4. I did finish listening to The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest.  The series was so good ~ I definitely recommend them!  Now I’m listening to The Red Tent, which I read once years ago and have wanted to read again for quite a while.

5. I’ve been fighting a migraine all day; actually I slept most of the afternoon and I’m on my way back to bed as soon as I finish this.  I’m a little nervous about getting sick on my break ~ my doctor told me a couple years ago about the phenomenon of students getting sick as soon as breaks start, and this has been a particularly stressful semester… Fingers crossed for health!

6. I’ll be here next week with real, actual posts!  I definitely plan to use some of my extra time to give the blog a little TLC.

What are your plans for the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Friday Things

    • I know! Apparently they all set their own schedule, which I don’t really get… My exams in town are about a week later than my GB exams too. But all the schools start on the same day…

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