Catching Up

Wow, this weekend flew by, and for once it was in a blaze of fun and relaxing instead of stressing!

On Saturday I made the drive up to my sister’s house for something super fun…

I taught a nutrition lesson to Hailey’s girl scout group to help them earn their nutrition badge!  First I had tons of individual snacks and I had them each go “shopping” and pick three items that they would choose for a healthy snack.  Then we compared the different choices and talked about why different ones would be better or worse.  The girls really impressed me with their knowledge, and with their questions ~ they were really into the conversation!  Then we made a healthy snack of fruit and yogurt parfaits, which were a huge hit with the ladies.

That afternoon Jaime, Hailey and I went to the dog park to let Jacksy get some energy out.  I love this picture that Jaime snapped of him!

Saturday evening, I went along with them to Disney on Ice in Green Bay.  I hadn’t been to the “ice capades” since I was probably about Hailey’s age, and I ended up having a really fun time!  It was definitely a great girls’ day.

Yesterday was wonderful and relaxing ~ aside from losing that hour of sleep!  I spent the morning at church, and then I spent the afternoon watching The Help (finally!) and taking a long nap.  When Terry got home from his skiing weekend with the guys, we went for a walk and spent some downtime at home.  Wonderful day.

Today was day one of my Weeklong Recharge, and I have to say that it was a smashing success!  Here I am at the end of the day, and I feel both accomplished and tired ~ the kind of tired where you know you’ve done good things and kept your body busy.  It feels wonderful.

After this morning’s blog writing and reading, I hit the gym and I hit it hard.  Well, harder than usual!  I did two different elliptical machines, and some stationary rowing as well.  It was grand!

I made a healthy lunch, did a little cleaning, got my car back (no more stinky-ness!!), and did some church homework at the coffee shop.  All before cooking a real, official, made in my very own kitchen, dinner.  Which included a store bought rotisserie chicken.  Oh well, baby steps back into the cooking!

Tonight I had a wonderful and incredibly fulfilling class at church.  I’ve been meaning for ages to tell you guys about my Character Development class that I’ve been taking ~ stay tuned for that to be appearing very soon!

Soon to bed ~ tomorrow I do have to set the alarm for micro lecture.

Have you seen and/or read The Help?

Are you feeling accomplished at the end of your Monday?


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