My Week Ahead

As I mentioned last week, today is day one of my semi-spring-break.  In fact, while I would currently be halfway through my second class in Green Bay right now, I instead come to you right now live from my couch, in my pjs, eating some yogurt and granola, and having just gotten up about half an hour ago to no alarm at all.  Love it!

I’ve been sharing pretty much all semester how very busy and stressful the past seven weeks have been.  And I may not have shared this so specifically, but I’ve been becoming worn down, burned out, and at some points down-right cranky!  In light of this ickiness, and my desire to move forward with way less ickiness, I’ve hatched a weeklong “mini-plan” to recharge myself!

  1. Sleep: My sleep schedule this semester has become absolutely nuts this semester; sometimes staying up super late to do homework and other times getting up ridiculously early, often getting only five-ish hours of sleep at night.  I’m sure you can imagine that this leads to a sleepy Katie with a confused body!  It also leads to lots and lots of afternoon naps, which I don’t really have time for, and then I’m groggy and up late…  You get the picture!  So for this week, I’m going to go to bed at a reasonable hour and get out of bed in the morning when my body wakes me up (on the days that I’m able ~ I still have classes in town!).  And no naps!
  2. TV: As you know, I’ve already set myself a goal to cut back on the TV time, whether it’s actively watching or just having it on in the background.  That has been going okay, but not great.  This week, I’m going to cut out the daytime TV 100% and see where it takes me!  I will still watch some TV at night with Terry if we feel so inclined.
  3. Eating: As the semester has progressed, the eating habits have gotten sloppier and sloppier.  Processed foods like crazy, and I’ve only cooked dinner a handful of times in the past seven weeks.  I’m telling you ~ by the time I graduate, I’m not sure I’ll touch another piece of pizza ever again!  Bold words…  I may rethink!  Anyway, the plan for the week is whole, clean foods for nourishment and energy.  Plain and simple!

A little bit of what else is on my agenda for the week:

  • Workouts!  Longer, not rushed workouts.  I’m pretty pumped about that.  I mentioned on Facebook this morning my sad, sad need for more workouts…  This week it’s going to happen!
  • Homework.  That one gets no exclamation point.  I have a couple big projects that quite a bit of my time will be devoted to, as well as a class at church that I’m taking in which I’m a bit behind on the assignments.  I also have a microbiology exam on Thursday that is going to require some mega-studying.
  • Other computer work.  I have something like 66 emails sitting around in my inbox.  Ugh.  I also have lots of blogging that I want to do, and I’m sure some things for Terry here and there.  We also manage some social media for a few businesses, and I have a bit of work to do there as well.
  • Cleaning!  For the past seven weeks, every time I have time to clean, all I end up having time for is what I call “surface cleaning” ~ clearing off the table and counters, emptying the dishwasher, doing laundry, picking all the clothes up that I’ve piled around the bedroom.  By the time I’m done with those things, all my cleaning time has been used up.  This means my house is grossly dusty and in need of some massive TLC by way of sweeping, scrubbing, and vacuuming.
  • Time with friends.  I’m hoping to squeeze in at least a visit or two with some friends who may or may not think I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth.

So ~ that’s my week!  I’m pretty pumped.  Although I did tell Terry last night that I’m fairly certain that I have way more than one week’s worth of stuff planned and hoped for.  What do you think??

Follow my progress this week on Twitter, #weeklongrecharge

What’s on your agenda for the week?


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