In Another’s Words

As I read through the scores of fantastic posts from the bloggers that I follow, I occasionally come across a post that I think is so relevant, everyone should read it!  Here are a few that have really had me thinking recently.

1. My High Calorie Diet I came across this fantastic post that Katie wrote last week, in which she talks about why low-calorie diets are not necessarily the healthiest, and how to eat a higher calorie diet in a healthful way.  I really enjoyed reading this, and I think that she dispelled a lot of the myths and confusion surrounding calorie counting.

2. Real Food Tips: 7 Reasons I Hate Artificial Food Dyes Lisa’s posts are always fantastic; she does her research and explains herself clearly so that it’s easy to understand what she’s saying.  Among her reasons for speaking out against food dyes: they’ve been linked to increased instance of cancer, they’re derived from the same petroleum we use to fuel our cars, and they’ve been shown to negatively impact children’ activity and attention levels.  Apparently other countries have already taken a stricter stance against artificial food dyes, and it sounds like the United States has quite some catching up to do.

3. Emotionally Connecting To Your Goals In this post, Cassie shares some really good ideas about taking our goal-setting process a bit further; beyond simply setting a goal (ex: lose 50 pounds), figure out the emotional reason inside of you that makes your goal meaningful.  This post was timely for me as I’ve just been beginning to realize the value of that deeper thinking in my own life and goal-achievement.

4. Respect Your Husband In my opinion, there’s never a bad time for a reminder like this.  Sandra, a contributor for Today’s Housewife, reminds us of the simplicity of God’s call to us as wives, and talks about the struggles that we sometimes face in achieving this.  This was relevant for me because, in the business of life, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of being respectful when he has earned it, or when it feels easy for me.  But in truth, as Sandra points out, we are ultimately responsible to God for our actions, no matter the situation.


7 thoughts on “In Another’s Words

  1. I looked at the song by Tenth Avenue North. I thought I already had it on my iPod, but when I listened to it on amazon, realized I’ve not heard it yet. I’ve been falling in love with Matt Redman’s Fearfully And Wonderfully Made song too.

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