Books, School, and Dessert Theater!

  • Yesterday I read Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. You read that right. Yesterday. I read the whole book. Since becoming a college student, one of the biggest things I miss is reading for fun, but there is just not the time. Now we know what happens when I’ve had those reading withdrawals ~ I sit down to read and don’t come up for air! Jodi Picoult is my very favorite author. If pressed, I could never choose one favorite book out of the billions many, many, many that I’ve read and loved, but choosing an author is a little easier. I’ve loved so many of her books! I will say, Lone Wolf was definitely not my favorite of hers; I felt that it was missing that shocking twist I’ve come to anticipate from her. Still an absolutely fantastic read though!

  • On the topic of reading, I’ve also been reading listening to Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. It is fantastic. It’s mostly set in the late 1930’s, and it weaves throughout the Manhattan working and upper classes. I’m only about halfway through, but I am absolutely loving the historical phrasing and society interactions. I would absolutely, absolutely recommend this to anyone!

  • School has, of course, been weighing me down as of late (and all the time!!). I had a Chem exam yesterday, and I really have absolutely no concept of how I did! Usually I leave an exam with a pretty strong feeling, good or bad, but this time I really feel like it could go either way. In Microbiology yesterday, we started our final unknowns. This means that we each get a tube of “broth” and ultimately have to figure out exactly which two strains of bacteria are inside. It’s like a final project. It’s not my idea of a good time! In better microbiology news, in lecture we’ve started talking about the immune system, which I find fascinating. I’m definitely warming up to that class ~ the lecture portion anyway!
  • I feel like I haven’t seen Terry in forever. He was in Minnesota over the weekend visiting his best friend, Adam, and Adam’s wife. I was supposed to go too, but I stayed home with my no-obvious-cause illness. He came home late Sunday, and then he left Tuesday for a work conference for three days! Ugh. He comes home today, but I have plans with my Mom tonight. I feel like those ships, passing in the night…!
  • Speaking of which, I am super pumped for tonight! Our church puts on a dessert theater the Thursday and Friday evenings before Easter. Last year, for whatever reason, Terry couldn’t come either and just my Mom and I went ~ now it’s like a little tradition! Last year’s show was awesome; it was a two man show, and they portrayed the story of the gospel from the point of view of two of the disciples. It was at turns hilarious and completely thought-provoking and serious. This year’s show is Pilate on the Beach. I can’t wait!

What have you been up to lately?


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