WIAW: Easter Weekend

Well, this is a strange WIAW post right off the bat because… I have no pictures of any of the foods I am about to tell you about!

As I’ve been reflecting over the changes in my eating habits since “the click“, it occurred to me that I wanted to share my Easter weekend eats. Unfortunately, I had already eaten them without taking any pictures! Not to worry ~ I decked it out with a few other photos that I dug up for you!

The reason that I want to dedicate a post to talking about the food choices I made over the holiday weekend is that I noticed quite a few changes in the way that I approached the eating part of the festivities. The biggest change I noticed was simply how mindful I was about the food!

We had two Easter celebrations this weekend with meals to navigate ~ Saturday with my family at my Grandma Fran’s house, and Sunday with Terry’s family at a restaurant for a buffet-style brunch.


What I Ate:

  • Ham (a “real” ham, not the more processed, pieced-together kind)
  • Spinach, Strawberry, and Walnut Salad with a strawberry/poppyseed, oil-based dressing
  • Potato Salad
  • White Roll w/ Butter
  • A Few Homemade, Bite-Size Cannoli-Style Desserts

What I Didn’t Eat:

  • Processed Cheese Spread
  • Candy
  • Cupcakes, From a Mix, Colored with Jello
  • Easter Bunny Confetti Cake, From a Mix


The meal was pretty easy for me ~ I chose pretty much the items that I would gravitate towards anyway, being sure to heap up the spinach salad. I definitely did not need, or even really enjoy, the roll. As for dessert, I was delighted to find the cannoli bites! No added colors, only a couple of ingredients ~ these were a perfect choice. I’ve been very conscious of high levels of ingredients for awhile now, and I recently read this post, which really increased my awareness of the issues with added colors in our food. This is why I avoided both cake-style desserts, along with another post that I recently read, which explained that one of the ingredients in store-bought cakes and mixes is actually petroleum! Yuck.


What I Ate:

  • 6 (ish) Peel and Eat Shrimp
  • Scoop of Cottage Cheese
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • About 1/2 of a Made to Order Omelet with Mushrooms and Peppers
  • 1 Bite of Terry’s Prime Rib
  • White Roll with Butter

What I Didn’t Eat

  • Tons of Deep Fried Items
  • Desserts


I was pretty proud of myself with this takeaway meal at a buffet. Normally my buffet approach is that I want to eat everything in sight that looks halfway tasty. This is part of the reason that I don’t really like to go to buffets anyway, along with the general assumption that the food quality is not that great. Again, like Saturday, I really didn’t need or much enjoy the roll; I really do love my bread, but I need to learn which bread is worth and which really isn’t! As we got towards the end of this meal, I almost went back to the buffet for a delicious-looking slice of chocolate cake; it was a completely mindless almost-action. Luckily at the last minute I remembered about the petroleum! Yuck.

How Did I do the Rest of the Weekend?

I prepared for both events by eating something healthy before I went. On Saturday, that was a lunch of Ezekiel toast, eggs, and sautéed mushrooms, and on Sunday that was Ezekiel toast with almond butter and raspberry preserves before church. Not showing up to either event famished definitely helped me to eat more mindfully. On Sunday evening, I made homemade enchiladas loaded with whole grains, clean ingredients, and veggies, plus sweet potatoes, peas, and spinach on the side with the idea of back-loading my weekend with nutrients.

Overall, I feel fantastic about how mindfully I ate over the holiday weekend! So different from usual, and I loved it!

How/what did you eat over the holiday weekend?


7 thoughts on “WIAW: Easter Weekend

  1. I’m so impressed you did so well at the buffet! I’m not going to lie, those places can be my downfall. I just want to try EVERYTHING, haha! So my little bitty portions soon fill my plate up entirely, haha! So yeah, kudos to you, girl! 🙂

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