Blessings at the Marriage Retreat

Last weekend, Terry and I went to a Marriage Retreat, and we had an absolutely fantastic time! I shared some pictures on Monday, and today I want to tell you a bit about the ways that Terry and I were blessed there.

The retreat was at Silver Birch Ranch in White Lake, Wisconsin ~ about a two hour drive north for us. Silver Birch is a Christian camp that serves children, adults, and families; it’s an absolutely amazing resource and we’re so lucky to have access to it. Terry had been there before, for two men’s retreats as well as to chaperone a junior high retreat, and I had only been there once for the day with him.

We have both been incredibly busy lately and have barely had time to see each other, so to say that we were excited for the retreat is a huge understatement! We were both really looking forward to just relaxing and connecting with each other, and that’s what we got. I also focused a lot on being all there, and I’m very happy to report that I was super successful! The only times I had to really remind myself to keep my mind in the moment were during “down time” such as when I couldn’t sleep or in the morning while I was getting ready.

To be honest, the teachings were not that great, and if that were the main factor of the retreat, I don’t think that I would be saying such glowing things. Luckily, however, two huge factors came together to make this weekend absolutely incredible for us: our small group, and the Silver Birch staff.

Coming into the weekend so very weary, I wasn’t that excited to be thrown into a group of strangers to mingle and share with. However, we ended up in a group of people whom we clicked with so completely; it was an incredible experience that I don’t think I’ve had since I was a kid! From the very first session, our entire group just meshed, and we ended up spending pretty much every minute of the entire weekend with them, from late-night at the canteen to daytime activities – trap shooting and horseback riding! – to an evening bonfire. I truly believe that our experience would have been much less without each of them. I already miss them so much and can’t wait to see them again!

The other thing that pleasantly surprised me was the manner in which we were simply served by the Silver Birch staff. Their willingness to provide for each of us if we could think of anything at all that we needed was so touching; it truly showed to me the true meaning of serving our brothers and sisters. For this one weekend, they were simply there to minister to each of us in our marriages. The best example of this was Saturday night, when they held a candlelight dinner for the couples. We were each set up a little separated from every other couple, and students from the on-site Bible college served as our servers for the evening instead of the typical self-serve meals. There was even a rose at each place! It was seriously unbelievable, and wonderful.

So, this was a bit wordy, but that’s it! Our wonderful experience at the Marriage Retreat.

Have you and your spouse or significant other done anything special for just the two of you lately? Or, have you treated yourself to anything special recently?

7 thoughts on “Blessings at the Marriage Retreat

  1. This sounds really cool! I have never done something like that, but I really would be interested in it! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed hearing about my experience! I would absolutely recommend doing something like this, whether with a spouse at a marriage retreat, or on your own or with friends at a women’s retreat. There’s truly something for everyone out there, and line the name suggests, it can really be a “retreat” from the normal busy-ness of life. I also just attended a one-day women’s retreat at our church last weekend, which I’ll be sharing more about soon!

  2. I found your blog by change and had to comment. We went the weekend after you did (3rd year for us) and I found the teaching lacking this year as well. Definitely not up to par from past years. We love SBR and I urge you to try out the men’s/women’s retreat, never heard a bad thing about them! God bless!

    • What a chance for you to come along here to find this! I have heard from a few other people as well that the teachings were better in previous years. Maybe this was just an off year! I’m planning to attend week 2 of the women’s retreat in fall with my church, and I’m super excited!

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