WIAW: Eats During Finals

Confession: These eats are actually from a week ago Monday. With all the craziness during finals, I didn’t get around to posting them last week, and I took such care to document my day that I just couldn’t let it go to waste!

Last Monday, I had all three of my finals up in Green Bay, pretty much back to back, with the first one starting at 8am. It was pretty intense, and thankfully I planned ahead with awesome eats to help me power through the day!!

This isn’t food. I know, you’re shocked! I just wanted to first show off my cozy exam-day fashion. My yellow Toms cords ~ so comfy! Plus a snuggly scarf, and lots of layers.

At the last minute before heading for bed Sunday night, I decided to pack everything up that I wanted to bring to school with me on Monday. So glad that I did ~ on Monday morning I just had to grab and go!

Breakfast on the go: Kashi blueberry waffle sandwich with almond butter and apple butter, plus fresh juice! I made the juice Sunday right before bed and sealed it tight overnight.

Coffee #1 was the plain jane variety (plus a little cream and sugar!), with a side of last minute studying for my first final of the morning ~ Bio Organic Chem.

With one exam done, I moved on to getting in all the studying I could for my toughest exam of the day ~ Human Genetics (spoiler alert: this particular story doesn’t end well…). A side of apple slices for the win!

Coffee #2 of the day was a bit more fancy, in the form of a raspberry mocha! Desperately needed to cheer me up during my Genetics exam…

After my Genetics exam, I had a more substantial snack in the form of black cherry chobani, with sides of chopped nuts and raw oats, plus a few mini chocolate chips (best idea ever!!). And my water bottle peeking in… Proof that I didn’t just drink coffee all day!

Fast forward through my third exam, a call to my Mom, and a meeting with my advisor, and I finally was headed for home! To fuel my drive: baby carrots and (unpictured, already consumed!) sugar snap peas, wheat thins, and two gouda babybels.

There was pretty much no chance whatsoever of me cooking that night, so grocery store sushi was the perfect option! Spicy shrimp roll with brown rice, and shrimp summer roll.

After all of that, I still had Character Development that night, which required coffee shop visit #3 of the day! This time it was for hot chocolate though ~ no more caffeine! And of course, more water.

I’m so grateful that I made the choice to pre-pack healthy snacks because I know me, and even with the best of intentions, I never would have taken the time to do it so early in the morning. And even though I barely got any sleep the night before, and I had been feeling sick both before and after that day, those healthy snacks helped me power through that incredibly intense day feeling awesome!

**Yes, three disposable cups were consumed in getting me through that day… It was just a weird day! I never make three coffee shop stops in one day ~ I’m a one cup of caffeine/day sort of gal. And every single one of my non-disposable coffee cups was dirty! An anomaly.

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7 thoughts on “WIAW: Eats During Finals

  1. i was so excited to see a new post up from you! i’ve been missing kwr, but i knew you were probably insanely busy with finals. are things calmed down now?

    i know terry was (is?) in madison this week & i’m bummed you weren’t with him. it’s been a while since we caught up!

    • Thank you so much! All exams are done as of yesterday, thank goodness. The waffle sandwich is perfect ~ it became my go-to breakfast this semester when I had to leave the house so early that I didn’t have time for my regular oatmeal.

    • Thanks! I’m quickly becoming a Toms addict… I just got a new pair of pink ballet flats this week. 😉

      Most of my exams went well, and one unfortunately not well enough.

    • Thank you so much! I love Toms… They are sooo comfy!

      Most of my finals went well, with the unfortunate exception of the one that I really needed to do well on. I’m not dwelling on it though ~ at this point, I’m just relieved to be away from school-related responsibilities and stress for a bit!

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