Anniversary in Madison

Last week Thursday was my and Terry’s fourth wedding anniversary, and to celebrate we headed down to Madison for a night. Just a little getaway from the normal day-to-day stuff, and a chance to relax together. I haven’t spent much time at all in the city itself, so we spent a lot of our time there walking around and especially checking out Capitol Square, State Street, and the UW campus. So much fun!

Over the past four years, Terry and I have developed some little traditions that we like to uphold on each anniversary. Just a few little things that help us to really reflect on both the day itself, as well as the past year and the years before that brought us to this place. We light our unity candle from our wedding ceremony and we have a little toast in our wedding flutes (this year ~ sprite!). We open our cards and gifts to each other, as well as any cards we may have gotten from family members. And then we also read through our cards to each other from previous anniversaries.

This year I really found it especially neat to read through the notes and letters from previous years, to remember really where we were at in our thinking and our relationship, and compare that to where we are now. When it comes to gifts, we stick to the “traditional” gift list, which this year was fruit and/or flowers! I made Terry a plaque for his office, and he surprised me with a future date…! So, now I still have to wait for my gift…!

And some pictures of our adventures:

Stay tuned Wednesday to see what we ate in Madison!

Do you have any special anniversary traditions? What anniversaries do you celebrate ~ wedding, dating, first date?


6 thoughts on “Anniversary in Madison

  1. I love those traditions! I save old cards and read them from time to time, but I love your idea of reading them on an anniversary. Sounds like the perfect little getaway!

    • Thanks! I’m a big fan of little traditions. I have a little anniversary box (actually the box that stores our champagne flutes) which holds all the cards and little this and that that we pick up each year. Everything fits except the candle!

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