Lettuce & Tomatoes Are In!

My friend Sarah posted an update about her patio garden today, which lit a fire under me to get cracking on mine!

Since school let out, it’s been one reason after another to not get my plants going. All great, busy reasons, but it’s definitely time to get my little plants growing if I want to be eating my own home-grown vegetables any time this summer. And as a bonus, Terry will be happy to hear that at least some of the plant seedlings have moved out of the kitchen…

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we did quite a bit of yard work, which included some patio work. One of the things I did was haul the tomato planters up from the basement and reassemble them. And then there they sat, sad and empty!

I love, love these planters. A friend of mine had one several summers ago, so I picked one up myself just to try it out. I’ve added another to my collection each year! The first year I planted herbs on top, but last year I did lettuces and I decided to go that route again this year.

These are (obviously!) upside down planters, but I like that they’re not the hanging kind since I’ve heard mixed reviews on those. Plus I don’t think they’re very pretty!! I think this probably works similarly though ~ just oh so carefully thread the plant through the hole in the top of the planter. Each planter has two holes, and the instructions say that each hole can hold two plants. This will be my first year trying that!

With the tomatoes in, and the (sadly unpictured!) root bulbs covered in organic soil, it was time for lettuce! I’ve never done spinach or romaine, but I’m pretty sure that I planted and loved the black seeded simpson last year. Unfortunately I didn’t save the packet last year so I don’t know for sure!

Love planting lettuce ~ so easy!

And everything’s in! I love to look out my patio door at the sight of fresh food growing. So summery!


So now I’m growing spinach, black seeded simpson, and romaine lettuces, and yellow pear, early goliath, and better boy tomatoes.

Next patio project: repotting a super-special, brand-new purchase… so excited!!

What are you growing this year?

Does anyone have any ideas for a cuter and more weather resistant way to mark which plants I put into which planters?


10 thoughts on “Lettuce & Tomatoes Are In!

  1. if we weren’t planning on having a house with a garden next year, i’d totally get some of those tomato planters! they look awesome.

    nice work getting some stuff planted!!

    • I can’t say for sure, but I think that I will keep using these even when we have plenty of garden room! They work so well… And I don’t know how to grow tomatoes the right side up way! 😉

  2. Those planters are really cool! As for keeping track of what you plant … I guess I am old school, I keep track of it in a notebook! I just diagram what I plant, and where it is planted!

    • You’re right… I definitely should jot them down, regardless of whatever else I come up with! I’m not going to lie though, I do like to dress up my projects. 😉

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