(Not) According To Plan

Today did NOT go according to plan. But I bet you already figured that out, right? I know you’re smart that way…!

After getting up at 3:30 (!) to begin our journey to San Francisco, meeting at church at 5:00, and getting to the Milwaukee airport by 7:30, everything seemed to be smooth sailing. Then we boarded our plane…


After sitting on the plane for 45 minutes, they announced that we needed to de-board the plane because the had to change two tires; and the tires had to come from somewhere else! They announced that it would take at least a couple of hours; this meant for us that we would (at the earliest!) first be leaving Milwaukee only 15 minutes before our connecting flight in Denver took off! (Spoiler alert: we didn’t make that connection.) Ugh.


Pastor Mike worked his butt off trying to figure out our plan, while in the meantime we just had to chill in the not-very-exciting Milwaukee airport. When noon finally rolled around and they started re-boarding our flight, our group was instructed not to board because we weren’t even sure yet if we’d be taking that flight! Finally after a good half an hour, they had us board after all. A little bummer there was that passengers were crabbing at, and a stewardess even yelled at, our students for not being where they were supposed to be, even though our students had been awesomely patient and right where they needed to be.


When we got to Denver, Pastor Mike immediately hopped in a line to try to get our situation figured out; he spent the next three hours there. The rest of us found food, and then an emptier balcony area to set up camp. The students were super-troopers: they napped, they played games, they talked, they read the Bible together. The students were not allowed to bring any technology along, and i think this definitely tested their resolve! They rocked it though.


After Mike’s three hours in line, he came back with the news that 14 of us had a flight out to San Francisco in four more hours, and four of our group had to stay overnight and catch an early flight tomorrow morning. We spent the next four hours riding the train from concourse to concourse, finding food, hanging out. Not ideal, but better than a lot of the alternatives that were thrown at us!


We missed some really fun sightseeing plans this afternoon, and had to reschedule some stuff that we had planned to do tomorrow. Today didn’t go according to our “plan” at all. And yet, it still was awesome. We bonded in a big way, and we really got the chance to hand it over to God and let go of our own preconceived ideas. Nothing but good.

Today’s stats:
24: hours from getting up this morning to arriving at our hotel tonight
14: hours spent in airports
8.5: hours behind schedule
5: hours spent in planes
4: team members left behind
4: missing bags
1.5: hours in baggage claim

I’ll try to be back tomorrow to tell you about a couple of really cool things that came about through this!

On tomorrow’s agenda: chilling in San Francisco, rockstar fancy dinner, and checking in at our mission site.



10 thoughts on “(Not) According To Plan

    • Thanks Rach! I appreciate being missed 😉

      My newest post semi-explains the absence, and every picture represents tons of personal growth and change. I think this summer will be better blogged in hind-sight than in real time. I’m looking forward to getting started on it!

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