Flipping That Switch

I returned home yesterday after spending the weekend at a conference with the teens from my church. On the last day of the conference, Sunday morning, as we all sat in that huge convention room one last time, sleep-deprived and ready to go home, the keynote speaker issued a final challenge.

By the thousands, we bowed our heads in prayer, and we invited the Lord God to speak into our hearts at that moment. As we were about to head for home, we invited the Lord to tell us what in our lives needs to stop, immediately.

Well, the Lord spoke to me instantly, and in usual Katie style, His answer was grand, and moving, and beautiful.

Um, no. The Creator of the universe and lover of my soul spoke to my heart, and he said these four little words:

“Turn off the TV.”

And, in usual Katie style, my automatic response to the Creator of the universe and lover of my soul was truly accepting and eloquent:

“Wait, what? That can’t be right…”

Yes, for just a few seconds, I argued with God and justified my sin. I told myself that He didn’t really say it, He couldn’t really mean it. Since when does God tell people to turn off the TV? I gave Him this great opportunity to tell me anything, and that’s what He said? I must have imagined it.

And then I admitted to myself that I had opened my heart to Him and He had indeed spoken to me. I just didn’t like His answer. I don’t like that TV watching is my sin. One of my sins. Quite frankly, my sin sounds dumb to my ears. But it’s so very true.

This morning I got out of bed, and as I went about my bathroom routine, my finger itched toward the television remote. It’s my routine; I listen to the TV. The TV is on in my home pretty much every waking minute of the day while I’m there, at least while I’m there by myself. I turn it on to listen to, to keep me company, entertain me, and I suppose even to block out my own thoughts at times. It fills my brain so that I don’t have to.

It steals my attention, it steals my focus. It fills my mind with the world. And on mornings that I don’t have to immediately get ready, I sit down for “a few minutes” to watch. And I become a slug. I hide from the world, from responsibility, from emotions and people and God. The TV is my go-to, catch-all comforter and fixer.

Watching TV is not always a sin, but it is a huge area of sin in my life.

My sin is gross, and it shames me.

This morning as my finger itched, as I automatically longed toward the noise that gives my brain respite, it suddenly clicked that it was time for me to choose.

What’s more important to me? Obeying the command of my Creator, who has a brilliant plan for my life if only I will allow Him in, or flipping that switch?

The answer seems obvious, but every time that I have chosen to turn the TV on and tune the world out I am speaking with my actions.

I finally know the right choice.

Turned OFF TV


12 thoughts on “Flipping That Switch

    • Thanks Jane! Good luck to you as well. We all have something, and we need to be willing to let go of our grasp on it. That willingness can take a long time to come!

  1. Well Katie, that can be true about t.v., Or anything we overindulge in. Good luck on your journey filling the minutes with more of a plan God has for you, a journey that can be a great blessing. Love, mom.

  2. Sooooo proud of you Katie ….it’s so easy to ignore god and the things and requests he has but i have found it very rewarding to listen and obey,,,,awesome !!!!!

    • Thanks Alyssa. I appreciate it! This week was excellent so far. Avoiding the TV wasn’t done perfectly, but I really accomplished quite a bit, and my outlook and attitude towards the whole thing was so good.

  3. Great post Katie. I think we can all get caught up in technology. I am an on-line Bible study leader – well I have to check my group all day long and I end up other places. I am trying to do a better job this week and forward and hopping on here morning, noon and night for just a few minutes. So far it’s working. Blessings and hope you can keep that tv off. I go there too but told myself today turn it off and so far it still is. God is good. Debbie W.

    • Thanks Debbie! It’s been a tough road ~ I am definitely attached to this, and other coping/escaping mechanisms! I appreciate your words and encouragement. God most certainly IS good!

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