“Finding” What I’ve Been All Along

Free Indeed

Since the start of this blog a little over a year ago, I have changed. I suppose it was inevitable. Sigh.

When I chose “Katie Without Restrictions” as the title for this blog, I knew it had meaning. I knew it expressed my desire to live freely, transparent in my dealings and open in my words and actions. What I didn’t know was how very much I, and consequently my blog, would really grow into its name.

To read all about the new direction that Katie Without Restrictions will be taking from this point forward, check out my newly updated “About The Blog” page. Although, I’m not sure that new direction is the right description; Katie Without Restrictions is still the place where you’ll find me, open and honest. Perhaps now, ready to be more open and honest. But the new “About the Blog” page puts words to what I’ve maybe been hoping to do all along.

Thanks for those of you who’ve been on this journey with me. Moving forward, I’m excited to share tons of growing and learning experiences I’ve had in the past several months while I’ve been pretty much MIA. I’m excited to share how I look back, and look at now, and see how it all builds on itself and blends together beautifully.

Talk to you soon!

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6 thoughts on ““Finding” What I’ve Been All Along

  1. So good to hear you blog is about open, honest transparent YOU! God uses our writing to change us, doesn’t He. And looking back we can see Him move as we filter through our thoughts & heart with mere words! Thanks for risking & being a blessing to others through you blog! Keep up the great work! Glad to see you at UNITE! ~ jen

  2. Hi Katie, I too started blogging nearly 2 years ago and it has changed me. I have moments of quiet but I have moments of “wow” as well. One thing I have found most precious and humbling is all the support and encouragement to be found in this online world. keep on keeping on and God will fill your blog with beauty
    God bless and thank you for linking up on Winsome Wednesday. i look forward to seeing you there again next week

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