A Perfect Day For A Drive

I love to drive. Love it. Crank up the tunes, or occasionally a podcast, and let my mind go. Alone with my thoughts, alone with God, alone to laugh or cry or plan or sing at the top of my lungs. (Oh yea ~ that definitely happens).

Today I made the four-hour drive home from my parents’ house, and it was a completely beautiful day, so I whipped out the camera phone and snapped a few pictures of my favorite parts of the drive.

Not to worry, I deleted many more than I kept because my eyes were on the road!!


The landscape on the western side of Wisconsin is beautiful; all hills and valleys.

Through The Bluffs

And then every once in awhile, I get to drive right through the bluff. Stunning.

After about 40 minutes, the interstate breaks; I keep going on my way home, but I always think of my sister because that’s the way to her house!

Through The Bluffs Again

More driving through the bluffs. Even after 8 years, it’s hard for me to believe that this is seriously Wisconsin.


Seriously. I get to see this. Every time.

Mauston Exit

An hour into the drive, I’m done with the interstate. Straight would take me to my friend Sarah’s house, which is another happy thought!

Woodside Ranch

This is my favorite. Woodside Ranch. The highway literally runs through the ranch, which houses horse trails and beautiful rustic cabins in the woods on one side, and hundreds of horses and buffalo on the other. After several years of driving through, Terry surprised me with a long weekend here!! It definitely lived up to everything I had always imagined, and now driving through means wonderful memories every time.

Woodside Ranch Cabins

See the cabin towards the bottom left of the photo? The cabin that we stayed in, aptly named Memories, is that dark space just up and to the right. Seriously. Such great memories. I loved that trip.

Approaching the WI River

Crossing the Wisconsin River is definitely a highlight for me.

Wisconsin River


Ice Fishing

My drive curves around this beautiful little lake; you can see a truck and some ice fishermen out there! I saw quite a few people out enjoying the winter weather on the lakes today.


I saw two trains today! Trains rolling through the countryside speak nostalgia to me…


As I traverse across the middle of Wisconsin, the landscape takes a turn towards hugely forested.


Although my Dad assures me that I’m quite wrong, in my mind Montello always signals the halfway point of my drive!

Montello Waterfalls

I do not know the story here. I do know that when you drive through Montello, you see waterfalls. And sometimes, those waterfalls are frozen.


Part of my drive carries me along this beautiful, sparkling river.

Smalltown, USA

This tiny downtown is actually not on my main highway home. I usually use it if I want to try to bypass a semi! Isn’t it adorable though? Terry and I ate lunch once in the restaurant in the very front left of the picture.


I. Love. Wisconsin. Farms.

I love this drive, and on a beautiful sunny day, it was perfect.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

Psalm 19:1